Understanding The New Orleans Cabaret

There are many options in New Orleans for the cabaret lover. You can find burlesque shows at the House of Blues, Carnaval Lounge, and Sobou. Read on to find out more about these entertainment venues. If you love burlesque, you can try one of the annual burlesque festivals. The New Orleans Burlesque Festival is held mid-to-late September.

House of Blues

This chain of rock-and-blues restaurants serves a variety of Southern cuisine, from jambalaya to po’ boys. The music is live and the menu features Southern classics. While the music is loud and fun, the atmosphere is relaxed and intimate. Located in the French Quarter, the House of Blues is a must-see destination for live music lovers.

The House of Blues, New Orleans cabarel is a large, multi-level venue that can accommodate large parties. It features two music venues and a huge lineup of nationally-known artists. Guests can relax in a plush lounge and enjoy fine dining. While most performers perform in the main auditorium, the cabaret’s Foundation Room offers a different experience. Located on the third floor, the Foundation Room features a plush lounge with fine dining and live music. Guests must be 21 or older and may be required to pay a cover charge. Some events have a dress code.

House of Blues Burlesque

Burlesque has recently had a resurgence in New Orleans, as well as throughout the nation. The art form blends sex appeal with high production values. Burlesque performers don’t take themselves too seriously, and their shows often involve audience participation.

One of the best places to see burlesque in New Orleans is at the House of Blues. The venue is one of the city’s premier venues, featuring burlesque artists such as the Bad Girls. You’ll also want to catch a show at Sobou, a French Quarter restaurant that emphasizes a Sunday brunch with burlesque performances. Another French Quarter hot spot is the House of Blues CafĂ©, where you can enjoy some live jazz and other entertainment.

Carnaval Lounge

The Original babydoll is the perfect spot for a night of fun and entertainment. It features a Brazilian-style street food menu and a variety of craft cocktails. The venue also features live music on the weekends. Popular local bands and musicians perform on a regular basis.

Whether you prefer Brazilian cuisine or traditional jazz, the Carnaval Lounge is sure to entertain. The venue offers a wide selection of food and drinks for a very reasonable price. The atmosphere is family-friendly and friendly. The owners are almost always on site, which means you’ll never feel like you’re on the street alone.


In the heart of the French Quarter, SoBou has been a mainstay in the high-end dining scene for over a decade. Since then, it has adapted to changes in the culinary scene, from adding burlesque dancing to brunch to complying with the COVID pandemic mandates. Now, you can expect a fun, eclectic experience with a contemporary twist.

One of the highlights of Sobou’s menu is its Sunday brunch, which is accented by burlesque performers. “Shrimp and Tasso” corndogs are a favorite among diners. These are made with a delicate batter and filled with Tasso, a spicy cured pork commonly used in Cajun cooking. These are served with pickled okra to complete the meal.

Bourbon Boylesque at Oz

If you’re looking for a burlesque show that’s aimed at the gay community, you may want to check out Bourbon Boylesque at Oz cabare in New Orleans. This show is free and features burlesque dancers and male strip teasers. The performance is hosted by Miss Trixie Minx. It takes place every Tuesday from 9pm to 10pm and is open to the public.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try Oz Club New Orleans, which opened its doors in 1993 and quickly made itself known as “New Orleans’ premier gay dance club.” The club is owned by New Orleans entrepreneur Mike Motwani, and is housed in a restored 1880s home that features elaborate iron balconies and shuttered windows. It’s an integral part of New Orleans’ gay community, and is a place to experience burlesque and drag in a welcoming atmosphere.

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